Thursday, May 21, 2009

THE Best Cappuccino

I just have to take a moment and tell you, we have found a real great spot for awesome cappuccino! Its a little stand shaped like an old fashioned coffee pot, its so cute! Right here in Arlington,'s their website:
I got a very large one for $3.25 (too much, but worth it!)
It has four shots of coffee, had it made with cream, no sweetener and topped with cinnamon...

Just delicious!

So for our readers in Washington, GREAT stuff! This state is beautiful, our favorite right now is Wyoming and Montana and the history of them, and price wise, Washington isn't much different to New York, so we don't have sticker shock, but from other parts of the country, yeah, Washington is pretty high. Not sure how the housing prices go here, but if you want city life with small town people, well, this is the place for you. There was only one stop we had to make here, not too far from this hotel actually, where the guys there were, how should I put full of themselves, that they need to get knocked a peg down or two! And then we had a good laugh because we stopped at a truck stop called Donna's and there was this super clerk there, she did everything, had all the answers, knew everything, etc. Well, there came across an Amber Alert - good - but she told a story to every single customer and acted like SHE were the police regarding it....I mean, sure, its nice that she finds the importance of it, but if she weren't the clerk there, you'd think SHE were the police that put out the alert!


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