Friday, June 26, 2009

This Is So True...

Ok, first off...wowsers! Its raining cats and dogs here! LOL!

So, yesterday, very very early in the am, we decided to eat at a truck stop - mind you, I have mentioned that you stay clear from them for many reasons - the food is all frozen and reheated, has a high level of contamination, not worth the money and you always walk away dissatisfied...

ANYWAY.... we had no other choice...long story short, we walked out with only paying for our coffee, reporting it all to the manager and it was just such a horrible experience, that yes..I had to contact corporate about it...THAT'S how bad it was...maybe I will tell you on a free day, but its still upsetting to us, so cant right now...

So, after getting a free meal out of the whole deal, with Honey Bear being from New York and my innocence from the Midwest (I never heard of such a thing!), we didn't go back for our free meal, we gave it to a driver who was down and out...

Here is an article that backs up what Honey Bear has ALWAYS told me, NEVER complain about your food and expect to get it redone...they do and WILL spoil it in one way or another (Floor, spit, boogers, you name it...piss them off, and you have an enemy for life!)

read #3..see! Honey Bear was right!

(oh, and ps...if you ever notice in any of my posts, I have lost the ability to use the apostrophe and quote button on this laptop..sometimes blogger will fix the word, sometimes it doesnt, so dont think I am a bad typist, I simply cant use the button! LOL!)

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