Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just A Friendly Reminder...

Hi everyone...

I thought I would just remind everyone about the sweeps/giveaways, freebies, etc.. that I post. Right now, until Honey Bear and I decide NOT to be on the road 24/7, our personal giveaways are on hold. Not that we wont have them again, because we WILL, its just impossible from the road to have them.

I love to share everything that I personally enjoy...that's freebies, sweeps, recipes, crafts, God, Honey Bear, advice, etc...not in that order, or for any other reason then I like them, and I share what I like.

hopefully, you enjoy the posts I make here and I thank you for all the positive emails and prayers you say for Honey Bear, me, us...and our family (we travel with the dog and cat...yes...the dog AND cat! LOL!)... our son is 22, just finished college and has his very first salaried, hes not at home with us on the road...

Anyway...Honey Bear is sleeping, I am SUPPOSE to be too, but he hasn't left any room in the bunk for me, so...I post :-)

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day and like I said earlier, we are coming to you today from Wyoming and by tomorrow, we should be in Detroit, MI...

If you ever want to take a driving vacation, we highly recommend (a good car for one), but take this route: Make a game plan to see the forests in Washington...mind you, there are MOUNTAINS, not hills, MOUNTAINS...but drive I90 up there and take I84 coming back...we take more then that and drive coast to coast, but this will give you a wonderful ride if you just want to hit the highway and see scenery.

Well, back to posting,

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