Friday, August 7, 2009

Appreciate him

Appreciate him. Yes, I know, all men have, well....they just have an assortment of things that can cause friction. There are, however, all sorts of things that are good about him and he needs to hear that. Let him know how much you appreciate him!

Since my life has become an emotional and spiritual roller coaster, I have come to know the depths of this word beyond anything I can post here for you to truly understand. Oh sure, I may run out of words to say in appreciation if put on the spot because of course, that's when you're mind just freezes up, but in the silence of my walks and talks with God, the depth of my appreciation for the man he was created to be and to be in my life, well... no word will ever begin to describe's when you can wipe someone's slate clean and see them, the of all knicks, nooks, crannies...every single 'irk' is removed...that person left standing in your me when I say the words of appreciation will come like a flood!

Maybe you're like can't seem to say the words on command (your want to say what's in your heart towards him), so, what I find is, I can write love letters or notes in my head when I'm walking and it lifts my spirits, it makes me feel that 'beginning' love, even after all these, the next time I see him, I am just overflowing with love for him and the words and actions just pour out!

You know, just as a side note, it really DOES feel good when you wipe someone's slate clean - as I always told my son, I may get mad or hate your action, but never ever you. It's the same thing...the 'action' the irks and quirks...they don't make the man you choose, nope...they just make do I say this? hmmm...they make him full of CHARACTER! LOL!



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