Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Know....

Something else that is really weighing on my mind before going off to bed is this....see, the people who have supported the government giving us health care (like in Cuba) dont realize it comes with a price, a HIGH price. By you wanting something free, available and good for the whole country, you are saying that you give the government the rights to you, your actions, your security, your privacy. There isnt a free insurance/health care plan - never will be. Yeah, it is nice to get the health coverage and care that we all need. We havent had insurance for years due to not being able to afford it, and the health care provided by the government truly supports minorities, as me being a white woman cannot get any coverage at all (my son is grown and I technically still have the ability to work)...not fair, but thats just the way it is (regardless of my back), the race IS the matter (trust me with this, both in IL and NY, I cannot get insurance for these two reasons (yes, I can, but not free or at a huge discount to afford it like others) as I have been reading and reading and reading (watch fox sometime and you will see I am not the only one who knows this stuff), this blogger person, who is actually writing for a newspaper, supports all the governement is promising so it would stop terrorism (will not), so that everyone has the ability to health care (the prez is FORCING, yes...forcing people to take the insurance and you can get in a heck of alot of trouble if you dont...I am not going to take it) amongst other claims she is totally and completely falling for even though the prez has only a 39% approval rate right now, every plan is failing due to being improbable, etc...she STILL thinks that all the promises are to her BENEFIT...little does she know that the Jews thought that way at Hitlers beginning and with all communism states, they all though that it would be fair and much better as there were so many poor really needing a hand and look what it got THEM.

I am not posting this to bad mouth her or assume communism or socialism...but the facts are there people, they are as real as your, as I always say, start doing your own homework on this stuff.




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