Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Own Prez Has Lost The TRUE Meaning of Christmas

They are just another sheep jumping on the POLITICALLY CORRECT IDIOCITY wagon:

The New York Times recently revealed that, before abandoning the idea, Barack and Michelle Obama had considered eliminating The White House’s traditional nativity scene as part of an effort to celebrate a “non-religious” Christmas. In light of that story, it wasn’t entirely surprising to learn that this year, for the first time, the President’s Christmas card contains neither any mention of Christmas itself nor a quote from the New Testament. Obviously, the Obamas aren’t fans of overt displays of Christian religiosity.

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(Stand up for your beleifs without FEAR of the other person...RESPECT their point of view, but never lower your standards, character, morals or beliefs...this is one HUGE mistake happening every single day in America - one person, who was probably spoiled or didnt get their way as a kid, stomps their foot and says What About Me....then we all lose our standards to make that person happy, then another comes along and another...til we lose ourselves making someone who should have been told NO as a kid unhappy...geesh!)



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