Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hi everyone!

You know that joke about a lady writing in her diary about the first time she experienced snow and at first she thought it was just lovely and by the end of the month, she was ready to clobber the snowplow man, hated the snow and wanted to move to Florida? Well, I have got to say this...ENOUGH SNOW ALREADY! LOL! We had zero snow going up to the Rockies, had a blizzard while up there, drove through Kansas, only to get hit with ANOTHER blizzard, took over 6 hours to get out of THAT one and now, it is ANOTHER storm we hit....we cant win for losing anymore!

Oh boy....well, at least we get the night off....our truck has to get some work done on tomorrow and then off to St. Louis and then Chicago....and tomorrow is Honey Bears b-day. How do you buy a gift for someone you are around 24/7????

I will just have to figure something out....

Oh well....I will be posting on and off while we are taking our break and dont forget the giveaway ends tonight, so I hope you have entered - good luck to you all!




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