Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi everyone! Happy Saturday to you!!

We had to get some shut eye and leave early this morning, so sorry I couldn't post more for ya, but the game plan is to make an internet stop by tomorrow, just come on back then :-)

You want to hear something freaky?? Well, the night before last, we were stuck in the Rockies due to the snow...we were at mile marker 190...guess what? We left there yesterday morning and by THIS morning, that interstate was closed right at THAT mile marker due to an avalanche AND the pass we had to go through in Loveland, CO, was closed by THIS morning as well for the same reason! glad we got outta there!

We had a bunch of Colorado work to be done yesterday, and today, we are traveling across Kansas through Missouri, on our way to the Chicago area, but like I said, we have to stop sometime tonight or tomorrow for some shut eye and of course, after I take care of my Honey Bear and home, will have some internet time too.

OH! And one last thing, here we are, driving at 65 miles per hour on a two lane highway ( 4-lane) and only our lane is salted, the other side still has ice and snow (coming outta Colorado into Kansas), yep CARS...are doing over 70 on that other side! And they wonder why there was a 40 car pileup on this very same highway we are on. (Last week, there was a 40 car pile up on I70 in this very same area), if you want to drive like an idiot, you have no one else to blame but yourself--keep in mind though, the stupidity of drivers who THINK their SUVs are all that, can and will probably cost an innocent person THEIR life!!

So...I will TRY to post today, but no guarantees....

Oh....and thanks for the comments, emails and entering the giveaway -- not one word goes unnoticed! :-)

Have a great day!



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