Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Good morning all...

Fear....what is it? Its that THING you cant put your finger on it, yet it makes you one cranky person. Its that seed, that root....that makes you lash out at a loved one, not meaning what you say, but its your minds reaction. So, here I sit, in hope and faith that our Lord forgives me for my lashing out in pure, simple FEAR....that's how I am starting my day off here...

I lashed out at the one person who I would kill or die for...out of pure and simple fear.


On that note, I cleared out a bunch of freebies, coupons and sweeps...hope you had a chance to grab them while they were here. With the new month comes all new offers though!

oh...and ps....if you find typos, etc...its not because I dont care or cant type without them, we have broken buttons on our overly used and much tired laptop! :-)

Have a great day!




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