Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi everyone...its pretty early...12:30 am, but hey...thats when I have a moment on the internet :-)

We drove over and back through the was in the 60s when we headed out, hit snow going throug, turned to rain, sunshine, snow, rain....then a few hours later, that rain turned into a hard to see the road in front of you snowstorm! It didnt break (actually, stopped dead in its tracks), until we hit Ft Morgan, CO heading to Nebraska!

We have the next ten hours off, but we are both exhausted! I am going to post while Honey Bear watches a movie...hey, by the way...if you dont mind YOUR Honey Bear watching guy movies, a real good one (next to V for Vendetta, Gran Torismo to name a couple), but buy him or rent for him the Boondock Saints.....the first one (the second one is out now for renting, but Walmart has the first one for $7) really is a great GUY movie!




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