Saturday, January 31, 2009

So, Do You Want To Make My Day?

How's THAT for an opening line?!

Ok, so my honey bear paid me a HUGE compliment this morning - I really needed it..

He said I'm a good woman, that I have my ways/days, but the good woman in me is more often...that really meant ALOT to me...thanks Handsome....kiss!

So, you want to know how YOU can make my day? Well, there's two ways...

1-You can click on any of the pics on the right side of my page here, browse, shop, have some fun..whatever makes ya happy...


2-You can vote for this blog on the right..see the tiny button that says 'vote for me'? Well, I'm at 218 'cus I haven't been there too long, and I'd like to get a bump up the list if possible.

Personally, I would choose #2 as it just takes a sec, but that's just me :-)

Thanks in advance either way!



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