Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Four things"By Bob Perks

"Four things"By Bob Perks

I wondered why it rained when sun was what I needed. Then I realized the rain washed away the dust that settled so easily on meas I had recently taken to standing still.

I wondered why life seemed to pass me by.Then I realized I was not living, just simply existing. Living requires participation.

I wondered why no one ever listened to what I had to say. Then I realized I had only beentalking about myself and all my troubles.I was the one not listening to them.

I wondered why God had abandoned me. Then I realizedI had abandoned God.

I wondered why I was not happy. Then I realizedstanding still, simply existing, whining and turning my back on God, does not make for a
happy life.

Four things...
1. See the sun when it rains.
2. Accept that life evolves with you, it doesn't revolve around you.
3. Understand that God gave you two ears and one mouth. You need to listen more than you speak.
4. Plan with God for He has plans for you.

"I believe in you!"Bob

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