Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review Time - Scanalog

I've had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the program Scanalog thanks to Kim at scanalog.com and let me tell you, I am thoroughly impressed!

Enter at their main page , then click on product for a summary of what it does.

Scanalog is a magazine cataloguing system- all you have to do is scan your treasured magazine article, recipe, child's artwork into the Scanalog system on your computer and then you can tag it and organize it and voila! You can keep it forever, know where it is, be able to find it again, and all without the stacks and clutter and mess!

I found scanalog very easy to use. The user guide explained everything and was easy to follow. The program comes with several very handy categories that you can put your stuff into. You are also able to add subcategories of your own which is very nice. For example under the crafts category I could add "crochet" or under the My Spirit category I could add "inspirational bible verses". It is wonderfully user friendly.

It is very easy to retrieve your stuff as well - no searching through random stacks of magazines for that one certain article you remember reading. The scans are easy to read, which you can adjust the view, print them up to share or what ever your need is, you can probably have this program do that too for you!! Oh this is truly a wonderful program....

So here's the bottom line: You look through a magazine and see an article that you want to save for future reference. You use one of the sticky tabs to mark that page. Later when you have the time, go to the computer and start Scanalog. Put the article in your scanner and click on Scan. Type the name of the magazine, title of the article, and the date. Then choose a category and subcategory. Add a few keywords (to be used later to help you find the article), and you are done. When you want to locate an article you simple click on the Search button and type in the name of the magazine or a keyword. You can also search for articles by looking through the categories and/or subcategories.

Seriously, I feel this program has a lot to offer. The way you can scan, save and then get rid of your piles (like I have) of magazines, paperwork, or any other scanable stuff you've got laying around, what an organizational friend!! Stop by Scanalog and give it a look through, I feel you will be as impressed as I am!

PS-regarding PDF's: Kim states: Scanalog was truly designed to help people to create their own library of their favorite magazine articles. By scanning, cataloging and actually being able to find them.,Scanalog makes your magazines and magazine investment so much more valuable. This should answer the PDF concerns.



Blogger Vivian Deliz said...

The one thing is that it does not support PDFs. I could really use a product where I could upload PDFs and also find them.

March 2, 2009 at 9:54 AM  
Blogger Plowlady said...

really? I never thought of that...let me know if you find something that does, I'd be very interested in it

March 3, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

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