Friday, April 3, 2009

Book Review - I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse: Insider Business Tips from a Former Mob Boss

Special thanks to for this incredible opportunity to review this book:

I was trying to sum up this book in a few short words, but the very best description I've read is: "The small book contrasts a Machiavelli (the end justifies the means) and Solomon (integrity first) way of life/business, asking the reader to decide which way of life to choose."

And I have to agree. It's filled with a lot of business common sense that you can carry into your regular, day-to-day life and helpful information that you can lend to others without intimidation or too much pressure on them, as it is, like I said, common sense.

He explains why Machiavelli is followed by mobsters, and why following Machiavelli can be your undoing. He covers concepts like starting the day early, working hard (which doesn't always guarantee success), keeping your mouth shut, and of course, not getting whacked in your pajamas! Another serious discussion Michael Franzese covers is learning from your failures - that not everybody is cut out for everything. Find what you're good at and do it. You can always delegate the things you're not good at. And don't run away from your problems.

The last two chapters of the book deal with picking which philosopher you will follow: Machiavelli or Solomon, and making sure you have the right idea about success. Trying to convince yourself that you can follow both Machiavelli AND Solomon is a Machiavellian trick. Also, having millions of dollars while spending no time with the family really isn't success.

This is a great book for anyone beginning in the business world of any kind really. It's filled with knowledge and wisdom that you only learn from timely experience.

The author, Michael Franzese, integrates what he learned from life in the mob by expressing short, sometimes humorous stories that has now helped him in his business life.
If anyone is inspired to do business in a moral, ethical way, then this book is a must read!



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