Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Huge List Of Conditions To Cure Naturally...

I am a carb addict - always have been. When I was younger, it gave me power to accomplish an incredible amount of work, always crashing into a deep sleep. As I'm getting older, it's almost immediately after any carb overload that I litterally fall into a carb coma - that's what Honey Bear and me call it, because no matter how hard you or I try to wake me up, I am totally and completely out of it - I cannot wake up or stay awake - even for an emergency!

This has caused a serious yeast problem for me....Garlic is an excellent cure, or at least limiter to it, but due to finances, I haven't been able to take anything for this problem and am now, again, paying the price of being a carb addict. Not only with my weight (as one of Honey Bears' aunts said in spanish one day - she's as wide as a fridgedare!)

Anyway, I found this store with some natural help: Red Barn Natural Grocery which stated natural ways to cure and limit this problem. There's a whole array of conditions they have natural cures for.

Give it a look through, you might find something interesting there.



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