Monday, May 11, 2009

Good morning!!

my first post from on the road - coming to you from New Jersey..

Well, Honey Bear and I are on the road, officially now...we went out to the Hamptons yesterday - pretty area, delicious, but expensive food out there, nice scenery, friendly was nice...not what I THOUGHT it would be, you always hear about The Hamptons on tv or relate it to the rich...its just a nice waterfront, wooded, clean area. And we stopped off at a delicious deli...$37 for two sandwiches, a mozzarella salad, two coffees and a package of croissants....but it was real food, and delicious...

Today, we pick up cars in New Jersey...Honey is in the process of working while I type here. Then off to IL, Detroit, Denver and Washington...

Tonight, we dine at Tony Paco's in Cleveland. I wrote you about that place a while back...its famous for M*A*S*H: remember Klinger from MASH? Well, this is the place he always raved about and the inside is FULL of stars names on hotdog buns (not real ones)...there have been NUMEROUS stars who have eaten at this little hideaway.

If you ever find in the chili aisle of any grocery store a tiny can of hotdog chili from Tony Paco's, BUY IT, you will NOT be disappointed!

Anyway, I am going to peruse my email box for any goodies for you today...Enjoy your day and like I always say, I will post as I can from the road here.

Hugs for your day and ENJOY YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, every minute you get with them is the best blessings of life!




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