Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Morning!!

Hi friends! Well, today we are coming to you from Michigan...spent WAY too much time in Pennsylvania! We have just come down from the 14 Mile Road area and are on our way down Michigan to Indiana (yes, back track) and on to Illinois (my home state) and then on to Denver, then Washington. Boss man has us going back to Indiana for a terrific load, Honey Bear is sleeping, I have an hour and a half to write to you all...

I have tons of emails to weed through and post for you what great finds, shares, recipes I get...

How is your week going? Anything new and exciting happening in your homes?

I will tell you something, it is a secret I don't want Honey Bear to find out -- but, I have FINALLY figured out the way to a peaceful, peace filled home....Yes, I have posted a lot of relationship shares with you (I love to share more then talk!), and the key is Respect, Keeping your mouth shut (zip your lips every time you feel you want to have your say) and unconditional love, no matter what!

Three easy key steps to say, remember, and tell others how to do, but actually DOING them -- well, that is a different story....One day I will get it down and the next, I flounder in a sea of not...hmmmm, how not to do that, that is the question...

Do you want to know the biggest secret I have learned in my whole 45 years of life and ten years with Honey Bear?

Seriously, its one little phrase, if you cant remember anything else, try to remember this....

ZIP YOUR LIPS or, as another phrase I have grown fond of...
Shut The F*** Up... LOL..yeah, I like the first version myself too!

Its that simple....if you struggle to find peace, make your honey happy, or just want a better home life for you AND your honey....seriously, its just keeping your mouth shut - why? Because no matter what, its what we say, how we say it or fight to have our say that always is the root to our problems with them....Just look at the last argument you had, or disagreement....does it REALLY matter what he did or didn't do? what he said or didn't say? etc???

Bottom line is, if you respect your man, your husband, YOUR honey bear....wouldn't just keeping your mouth shut, showing him respect NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES OR matter how much you disagree with him, matter what, HIS unhappiness, in every form, IS what you say or how you say it...

This is a VERY shortened version of something I really could sit down with a pot of coffee and share with you, but just take a moment and really think on what Ive me, putting aside your thoughts of HIM, isn't the argument or disagreement the result of YOUR say???

Think about it...

In the meantime, I will post away for you over the next 1 1/4 hour and hope to spread my friendship with you!!

Talk with you soon,



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