Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Thursday Morning!

Hi everyone, well, we are in Illinois this morning and Honey has to get some sleep - what a downpour we hit last night!

Trying to load up in Indiana, there was lightening, thunder, flood warnings and here Honey Bear was DRENCHED from it of the drawbacks of the business.

Speaking of, Id like to get a word out to everyone - PLEASE feel free to email your friends and family:It is ILLEGAL in ALL states to pass a truck on the right hand side - did you know that? If you re one of the jerks that does, STOP IMMEDIATELY! It’s dangerous for the passenger car, its MORE dangerous for the driver of a truck!

Let me tell you something.... pulling out in front of a truck is so not cool!
Going SLOW in front of a truck is so not cool!
But passing on the right hand side of a truck is the WORST!

Ok, so here we are, we haul cars. Yep, those open car hauler trucks, that's what Honey Bear and I do. Its an amazing job, the travel is awesome (cross country), all the new places, people, etc. Its very hard and dirty work, but when you work side by side, its an awesome opportunity and I thank God we are able to do just that. Way back when, I had written on an older site I have about this. You can read my tribute here:
The Real Life A Truck Driver Leads it's only 50 % completed, but well worth the read. I've posted a couple letters from others who appreciated what I've written -- I hope you do too!

I want to spread the word out there, these dangerous habits drivers pick up without one care in the world for the truck driver has got to stop!

*You run late, don't cut in front of a truck driver
*You don't want to wait the MINUTE it takes for a truck driver to shift 13-18 gears (yes, THAT many!!), then you have a control problem, practice patience
*You don't want to keep pace with the speed of traffic, yet you're willing to not move a lane over into the slow lane - out of embarrassment maybe? That’s ego!

The list goes on, what I want to say the most here is this, really check yourself as a driver - do you do these things? If you do, think about that truck driver - just like with every other profession out there, if you stereo type them, you lose out on knowing some really awesome people who are out making a living too! Love your neighbor by putting them first before yourself, which means you think about that truck driver before yourself. And lastly, truck drivers are no different then you or me: they work a job they enjoy, they have to earn a living, they have family who love them and they have to care for - stop this horrible way of driving - make it a goal, a change -- if you're one of these pesky kind of drivers, choose today to not cut off a trucker, or pull out in front of them, and give them enough braking space! Trucks can’t stop the same as cars!!!

Ok, that's my rant this morning - it has to get out there, bring notice to it, spread the word!!

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