Friday, May 1, 2009

Personal Review - Ronzoni Bistro

Anytime you see me attach 'personal' to a review, it is our opinion on something I've bought, not a review from the particular company...

Ronzoni Bistro...I'm disappointed.

I've been carrying around a coupon for buy one, get one free. I've found two stores in our area that sells these and finally braved up buying them, I chose the Linguini with chicken and mushrooms - it LOOKS like chicken tetrazini and I LOVE tetrazini! So, with Honey Bear being on the road, I figured I'd eat something I love, save some money and try something new...

What a HORRIBLE experience!

Mind you, this review is ONLY on the flavor I've posted. Maybe I should have chosen a different flavor. The packages look small, enough to fill a corner of your tummy when you're not terribly hungry, you just want something light. The flavor is just not there. I added a little salt and pepper to try to pick it up, it did, BARELY....the sauce is thick, plenty of noodles, the chicken is dry and the flavor is horrible. If I didn't need to eat it, I would have tossed it or given it to the dog, THAT'S how horrible it tasted.

There is no resemblance to tetrazini, which I admit, the package does NOT promote it to be, but by the looks of the package, you would think it would. It had a 'dead' wine flavor or something off that I can't think of a better word for it...I served it over two pieces of toasted bread for extra filler.

I bought two packages of this flavor, wishing now that I had bought a different flavor as this was simply...yuck!

I'm sending you to their site, as they're offering coupons, promotions, a newsletter and an opportunity to check them out further here:

I'd love to hear if you've tried this and have a different point of view on them. As always, I give HONEST reviews and this is as honest as it comes! LOL!

Seriously, maybe a different flavor would have been better, this flavor was a huge let down and at $2.99 (Pathmark), I really feel it was a waste of money, even at buy one, get one free...



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