Monday, May 11, 2009

Some favorite projects at Craftbits

Some favorite projects at Craftbits
by Shellie (All comments are hers)

Mineral Mud Bath - 20 mins in this bath leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Fizzing Bath Bombs - The very 1st project I added to Craftbits.
Altered Art Junk Bracelet - I really enjoyed making this and it is such a conversation piece. I love wearing it.
Stress Balls - When I was 12 I made 100's of these for my weekly market stall. They sold at $1.50 each.
Bees Wax Tapered Candles - When I was 15, I started a business making these candles and
Bath Salts and selling them to gift shops. Oh the fond memories of earning my own pocket money (I bought a portable CD player with my first check).
Ice Candles - This one is another work related project. It was one of the candles in a Candle Making class I taught to teenagers. I don't think I actually ever want to make another one though.
Wire Dragonfly - I still have these hanging up all over my Craft room. I made heaps in one night. I could do with taking a better photo.
Burp Cloth - Oh how useful these were with my daughter. Very modern style. Love them.
Knitted toilet seat cover - This is so grandma kitsch it makes me laugh every time I see it.
Shabby Chic Scrapbook Album - My very first album I created for my daughter. (I still have not added the photos)
Heavenly Doorknobs - I used to love decoupage, I decoupaged EVERYTHING including my cupboard doorknobs.
Balloon Weights - These are from my actual 21st Birthday. Wow! That was a lifetime ago (I'll confess it - 9 1/2 years ago).
No Sew Baby fleece ball - I am a big fan of NOT sewing and this one is a favorite because it kept my daughter entertained for hours.
Dishcloth Britches - My Grandma showed me this one when I was a child.
Headache Relief Pots - I need these everyday, especially around 4 in the afternoon when tiredness kicks in.
Very Special Box - I remember making this for my mother at primary school. After that I had to make 100's of them to sell on our market stall. I am sure that was child labor.



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