Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just a side note....out west and in some parts of the Midwest, the speed limit is 75 - first off, keep in mind that trucks can only do 65 PER THE stop zooming past them as they are NOT the enemy! Its THE LAW

More importantly, I cant tell you how many people we have seen zoom onto a highway at 75 and texting without even looking for ANY oncoming traffic! And then they feel like its the OTHER drivers fault in a close call, fender bender, accident or worse....DEATH.

Stop texting and driving!!!!!

We didn't text years ago and tell me something, who in the world is worth yours or an innocent persons life???

Was that text message on your phone THAT important and priceless???

Think about it...

Who are the culprits?

The fancy, too expensive cars
Yep, 30-40s age looking moms....Who cares about the kid they have in the back seat, zooming onto that interstate at 75 without looking because they are texting puts their very own children at risk...I hope their lives are worth it...if you havent gotten into or caused an accident today, or in the past - trust me, one day it will because you just made that texting a habit....

too sad...



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