Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Morning...

Good Sunday morning to you all!

We are in Ohio this morning, on our way up thru Michigan, down to Indiana, then Oregon and Washington....

Today is such a beautiful morning...I miss Midwest mornings...I may not like to admit I am from Illinois originally (35 yrs there, til Honey Bear who is a born and raised Bronx boy! Personally, I have been a NYr for the past ten, and we did a year in PA)...ANYWAY....This week has been a rough week for us....Honey Bear needed to go to the feet are still screwed up from my accident a month ago, the truck broke down this past week (the lights), bossman is edgy, we are on each others nerves (the only draw back of being with each other 24/7, and I am cranky from it all...

Not a good way to start this beautiful day, but I AM praying and hoping that today is a great day all around.

Well, let me hit the Internet to find you some great stuff before Honey Bear wakes up and my hope for you all, is that YOU have and enjoy a beautiful day like today as well.




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