Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Morning!

Good morning friends! Well, we are sitting in a rest area in Ohio this morning....whew, what a break we needed.

I have been riding with Honey Bear for a month and a half now, and he as just about killed me a few times (yeah, I know...read my own posts...), we have had four major break downs, (ECM-the brain of the truck, blown air bag (the shocks of the truck), three hydraulic lines burst (the lube for the decks to move up and down) and all the trailer lights went out (on a rainy NIGHT)...I have had my feet BOTH near crushed by a metal bar (they are still messed up) and Honey Bear had to get to the Emergency Care for a HUMONGOUS cyst...Our doggy had us scared to death to the point of me writing a vet, and our cat TRIED to escape.....and we lost our home.....

BUT.....we travel east coast west coast - experiencing all the states, people, food, places...every day is a new experience for us....we see the country like so many people don't or cant on very little money, doing one of the hardest, dangerous jobs out there (car hauling).....

And we love it....

I love working side by side with Honey Bear - if he is wet, I am wet...if he is cold, I am cold, if he is working hard, I am working hard....I thank our Father in Heaven for doing this for us and to us...

It is a rainy day here in Ohio, but that's OK....Honey Bear is sleeping for another hour or so, so I am going to pop onto the net and see what finds I can grab to share...

Have yourself a wonderful day and remember, we are ALL loved, no matter who we are, what we have, what we do, no matter anything.....we are all loved and blessed with this brand new day :-) so SMILE! and have a great day!




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