Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Morning!

Hi again, coming to you from Denver this morning. I had horrible and I mean HORRIBLE internet connection yesterday, hence the only post was a greeting. But today, I have just enough internet time as Honey Bear will take at the CB, if I disappear on ya, he came back...

How are you all doing? I hope good -- getting out in the beautiful days (hot as they are, it sure is a nice sign of summer). Well, I am the mother of a man wonderful son just graduated from college, is 22 and is holding his first salaried position. It is SO hard to imagine, as I still see him as a kid....

We re-watced twilight last night...I dont know what the hoopla is all about, it is an OK movie...not the best Vampire movie out there. And we are STILL trying to get into Angels and Demons....I havent done movie reviews in a while, but just to give you the heads up if you havent seen these yet...they are good when nothing else is on...thats my take on them anyway.

So, I am going to visit my emails, TRY to post a bit for you, but we are due for a day off soon, THEN I can really post away on the twitter and recipes too.

Have a GREAT day and thanks for being a part of our home...



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