Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Morning!

Hi everyone, good morning! Well, we are in Boise, ID this morning...and its a beautiful new day. We haven't had internet access these past few days, but the areas we were in were well worth not being online....just beautiful! We spent the past few days in WA and OR and the last route we were on was through log truck routes (winding through forests, not just trees) with rushing water...just beautiful. And this trip, we saw lots of antelope...its just been so beautiful...simply beautiful.

If you have never been to WA, the area gets so cold, I mean COLD, at night, I was shivering! And the and on ALL THE TIME....and little coffee/espresso huts all cute...

We absolutely love the west, and yesterday, we ate at this so absolutely wonderful cafe....out in the middle of a desert, the only place really for hundreds of was on the expensive side, but was so worth it - homemade HUGE meals...two little old ladies....and made from scratch, not greasy, worth every penny. If you ever get that way, its on route 20 in Oregon....

Well, Honey Bear is sleeping, I have had my morning walk with God and now, I am going to try to catch up and post for you before he wakes up...

Enjoy today, its the only one we have :-)


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