Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have You Ever....

Have you ever had an angel come out of no where? Seriously? Do you believe in angels??

I have some awesome examples of angels...
1-my car ran out of gas, the gas station was up a hill and around the block...two men came out of no where and pushed my car to the pump isle! disappeared...
2-when my son had his first febrile convulsion, a scary looking man, who turned into an angel and prayed for him saved us and took us to the hospital when I couldn't drive AND returned my belongings to my husband
3-when I broke my finger and couldn't think straight, a very quiet man gave me not one, but TWO quarters to make phone calls for help
4-when Honey Bear doubts us, a stranger will come over and comment on our love...

These are at the top of my mind...do YOU have some angel stories to tell???



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