Friday, June 12, 2009

OH! I Forgot To Tell You...

Listen, I am NO doctor nor do I claim to know much more then being a great mom when it comes to treating my family, but....Honey Bear suffers from blood pressure issues (too high) and diabetes 2. We have to keep getting his meds refilled and I am a devote user of garlic caps (the strongest ones 3-4 times a day...I also believe in the power of onions, capsasen, cinnamon and turmeric. I have been taking garlic caps for a few years now because I have such an issue with yeast (being a HUGE carb addict), so...I started Honey Bear on 4 garlic caps a day (with meals, spaced pretty evenly apart during the day) and a cinnamon capsule (you can find them now in the diabetes section at Walmart)...when he went to the med clinic the other day, his blood pressure dropped and is slightly higher then mine now! I took him off his meds about a month to month and a half ago...

Do some research on them (garlic and cinnamon), see if its something you would be interested in...just an idea..



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