Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, good morning....

Honey Bear is sleeping for one more hour and I have to shower and pack...we are leaving the hotel this morning at checkout - it literally broke us....we are going to HAVE to stay in the truck at the shop until Thursday or Friday...mind you, it is not a big sleeper (our last truck had two beds, shelves, closets, room...this one does not...two small storage closets and a small bed...and to be stuck in the middle of no where in a shop that's only open til 5, what a nightmare...

He is so depressed about not making money as we sit, about his paycheck being gone because of the break downs...and to not have even been able to enjoy this hotel time (although we DID get a couple chances in the pool to TRY to unwind, unsuccessfully....)

I have been praying over not just our present situation, but his bossman, the unfinished stuff in New York, just in Gods silence, I am trying to wait...trying is the key word...I KNOW He is here, I see Him here, feel Him here...I just cant hear Him....

But, that's OK...He has given Honey Bear and me another day, and that's a blessing, not a curse! No mater what the enemy tries to tell us during this time, God has His ways, and that, I will respect..

I will post for the next 20 minutes or so, then I have to run. If there is an Internet connection at the shop, I can hook up to it and post either here or twitter...if not, enjoy your day!


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