Friday, July 17, 2009

If You Want To Take A Road Trip...

This is an amazing road trip in a CAR, not a truck (I was terrified for over 100 miles LOL!) But seriously...take highway 12 in Idaho to Missoula, MT...its long, nothing but winding road that follows the river - the speed is no more then 50 and as low as 35, but we are talking BEAUTIFUL! The clearwater river is right beside the roadway, there are NO roads to turn off of, and you have to do it during the daylight hours. At evening and night hours, the animals come out...we are talking about deer standing in the road and Moose that just stand there...on the road...seriously!

We had to go to Weippe, its a small town of 300 people on an 8 mile high mountain with extreme sharp turns (15 miles an hour, and nothing for a car, heartattack special in a 100 ft long truck!), but it was beautiful...

If you want to just take a drive, you are in those states, please, do yourself a favor...get away from people, town, city..whatever...and just take this long road (its five hours by car) and like I said, its nothing but winding road, but the river is crystal clear, you can pull over and read the history all over the place on it, its a two lane highway, as theres no room for anything bigger, but it is just beautiful...



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