Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi all, we are in Portland this morning....we just spent the past few days all around the upper west part of Washington...its pretty, but creepy.....just like in the Twilight movie...

Honey Bear likes the cooler, cloudier, wetter atmosphere..I DID like the Montana or Wyoming area....but I nix both of them...

OH! And the west coast has a restaurant (ok, strip mall stop), that we have fallen in love with....and we have only seen them on the west coast...they are called Teriyaki or sometimes Sushi and Teriyaki...awesome food, simply awesome. The only kind I love better is Hindu food...but definitely a worth to check out if you find one....We didn't understand all the Teriyaki stops, so we had to give it a try...mmmmmm....thats all I can say about it.

Things aren't going so hot today, so I will post what I can, asking again for prayers and just wishing you a wonderful day.

Hugs to all,



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