Monday, July 27, 2009


Happy Monday to all! Hi there going out to you readers today -- how are you? Good I hope. Today is a BEAUTIFUL summer day and I just want to spread joy joy joy!! HUGS to all!

Good news from me? Oh heavens no....its just too pretty of a day today to lose even one drop of faith and hope :-)

We are somewhere outside of Lansing MI today, on our way down to IL, perhaps NE, then off to WA. The whole country is simply beautiful this time of year and now that we actually have summer weather, I sure do hope you are enjoying the outdoors more...

I am doing the laundry and updating here and reading through my emails and hopefully, be able to surf the net a bit before Honey Bear wakes up. Hes such THE man....he has worked non stop since 9 am Saturday morning, driving almost 1,000 miles AND loading, unloading the cars/trucks from the truck, we dropped off three vehicles and picked up two mastodons! (F550-HUGE pick ups!), he is exhausted and such the Honey Bear that he is, he let me sleep most of the night last night....such a sweety....

So, I will be popping on and off here, as I am doing the laundry and all...I hope you all are having a GREAT start to a new day and new week!




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