Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi all, we are in Snowville, UT - this place was settled in 1871! Can you believe that?? Its quite cute and small, but it offers Honey Bear his sleep, laundry, emails, prayers and posting are my activities for now....

Remember my post yesterday about my mental/spiritual battle? Well...its gotten worse...knocked down BIG TIME, not once, not twice, but three times! First from a bible carrying man, the look he gave me....not good....not sure if it was meant for ME or Honey Bear, but it was innocent on his part...the second came from Honey Bear himself today....and last night, or early morning I should say, while I was sleeping, I had a nightmare about the trauma in my life and the people involved. I have cried at every little minute thing today as God should know by now the depths of my heart and spirit, that the ONLY cure, or help I need is Him...and He chooses to not come in like a knight on a white horse.....I know, I know...but He knows it all already and He allows me getting heart beat up, that I can barely stand it any more....

So, that is how MY day is going...I hope you are having a great day, it IS a beautiful, breezy day out today, so enjoy!!

Hugs to all,



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