Saturday, August 15, 2009

ANOTHER Example of Lying obamanized Admin is!

Death panels weren't in health care plan but Senate drops them anyway!
How can you drop something if you state to the public it was never there in the first place???

Death panels weren't in health care plan but Senate drops them anyway!
By Ross Balano, Kansas City Star Midwest Voices Columnist 2008

Do those Democratic senators even realize how silly their comments sound:

(here is a fine example of a lie they TRIED to get through to the public)
We never had “death panels” in the plan. Those, such as Sarah Palin, who say we did are liars trying to derail our compassionate plan to get health insurance for all Americans. This is all part of a right wing conspiracy to deny health insurance to the poor. It’s all a lie! There are no death panels! But we just took a vote to eliminate them from the plan.

How can you eliminate something that wasn’t there in the first place?
The truth is that it really was part of the plan. Since the senators didn’t read the bill they assumed no one would. They once again showed their arrogance and underestimated the American people who protested in such numbers and with such vigor that the Senate had no choice but to delete that part of the bill. Score one big one for the people!
As the truths about this horrible plan keep coming to light, more and more Americans will stand in opposition. My faith in the people of this country has been enhanced. We are not going to be forcefully marched into socialism.



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