Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Great Quote From The Movie V...

The people shouldn't be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of the people...

Awesome words to remember. These are some sad, but we have known they were coming, days lately. With the election of a prez who did not overcome hillary, but took her health reform under his wing and appointed her an office position where she has ZERO credentials for, to voting in a supreme justice who states emphatically that all white males should be castrated and cast down to allow other minorities supremacy and a prez (always posted disrespectfully), who backs that up as well as killing babies thru abortions who are actually babies, not cells...arms, legs, heart...the whole being, cut them up with scissors he, well....civil wars will be breaking out soon.


Lets see now...hmmm, we have a supposed flu shot fully backed by the government that is produced by a company who was behind the money for the Nazi regime. They just happen to be THE only company with the supposed cure and it was patented at the time of the outbreak...who, and mark my words here, you WILL see government soldiers at your doors going door to door with a government doctor to make sure you and yours are vaccinated where in reality, they are weeding out/thinning out the public as not all people can take the shot. And what else...hmmmm....

We have news that you and I, as a FREE nation have every right to hear and it is not being broadcast, yet...the speeches ARE being said, documented and going down in history.

Also, remember how everyone wanted to impeach Bush for his stuff? Well, how come no one is shouting impeachment over this diabolical administration? For change??? Because he can talk a smooth talk, brush things off as nonsense to cover his butt, and state clearly that as our prez, he doesn't have to listen to the public (just last week, he said for us to get out of his way) ? that we are in his way????

Come on people, smell the bologna here...

Wake up, wake up...because guess where they are going to hit first? The small, rural areas so the news wont break out as quickly, THEN hit the cities where if there IS a civil war, they will be more prepared to deal with us....

The fema camps are here, the training of the Mexican and Canadian armies have happened, the shots are coming this fall....where will you be?

This was all done in history and history is repeating itself...

lets be smarter, stronger, and remain a free nation that our forefathers died for!!



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