Thursday, August 6, 2009

Letting Who I Know, Overwhelm My Circumstances

Another great post at a fellow bloggers site, Internet Cafe Devotions, that is very worthy of sharing as it describes me as well:
You can read the whole article here:
Letting Who I Know, Overwhelm My Circumstances

The part I want to share is what she wrote (It is so like me!):

Trust. I like to believe I'm trustworthy. I often come through in pinch. I go to great lengths to fulfill my promises. but being trustworthy and being trusting are two vastly different thing. The heart of the matter is control. If I'm being trustworthy, I'm in control.
If I'm being trusting, I let someone else drive.My lack of trust means that I am always waiting for a person to let me down, always wary that something good isn't going to last. Unfortunately, this lack of trust is also evident in my relationships with God. I can watch God come through -- like when we caught the rest of my leadership team -- with other people, but there is a wariness in trusting Him in situations where I most need to let him drive.
I say, "Let me drive another 15 minutes and then you can.I don't think I am far from the Israelites in this respect.
They saw God move in miraculous ways. He brought Moses to lead them and rained down plagues on the Egyptians while keeping the Israelites safe. They came to the Red Sea with Pharaoh's armies behind them and cry out that it would have been better to stay in Egypt than to die in the desert.
God rescues them and they grumble about food. God provides bread called Manna and quail.
On and on the stories go: the Israelites crying out, sure that God has led them to their death through Moses and God providing.
At some point wouldn't you think that they would see the pattern?



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