Saturday, August 15, 2009

obama Wants You And Me To Just Go Along With His Plans

He is asking us, the FREE AMERICA to just pipe down and go along with his plans - oh they arent out to scare you, invade you or take anything from you...B***sh**!!

Listen, this is his favorite tool to use - keeping his cool and brushing things (debates, anyone/anything against what ever he is pitching at the moment), this is his way of GETTING his way....smooth it all over and behind the scenes, in casual, calm mannerisms...he feeds you what you want to here, NOT the truth or facts...

Here is an excellent example of him smoothing things over and in what states? The states where the mountains run rampant with men and women who are just as bound and determined to keep us free and constitutionally led - the west...

Obama Says to Lower Volume in Health Debate
New York Times
By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG BIG SKY, Mont. - President Obama, on a four-state Western swing to promote his health care overhaul and visit national parks, asked Americans on Saturday to “lower our voices” in the debate, and accused the the media of paying ...



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