Friday, August 14, 2009

Personal Review - Hormel Completes

Hi there, I did a post last month regarding these meals and I really cant stop talking about them, why? Because they have really taken me by surprise.

You can buy these shelved meals for 2/$2 or 2/$ walmart that is...but they are so worth it, especially if you have kids.

Ok, here is a breakdown...

The pot roast is like dinty moore big piece of meat, lots of gravy and vegs and tastes like the canned stuff, but filling.

The swedish meatballs, just need a dash of dill or black pepper and its pretty darn good!

The chicken kinda stinks, its fake looking and tasting, but is the real deal...I dont eat the chicken ones anymore

The spaghetti, cook it for 2.5 mins, let it sit 1-2 mins, and its pretty darn good!

The teriyaki is just like other frozen kinds

And the list can go on.

Each meal is enough for a kid, two really fills an adult. They dont lack salt, but you dont taste it either. If you were to make a side veggie and serve with buttered bread, I am not kidding when I say, you have a filling meal, even if it LOOKS small, looks are decieving.

I am not one for packaged foods, cant stand them really. But with Honey Bear and I being on the road, we conserve our money by eating in the truck mostly and treating ourselves to a meal out of the truck now and then. We have a fridge, micro, toaster, stove, burner and coffee pot...I can make you a meal here :-) . We usually eat while driving, so I want small things to serve for easier and safer handling. Which is why we are eating these. One day while at Walmart, we ran into a real good deal on these meals, they were 2 for 3 bucks. Ok, we never had them before and decided to give them a try. Seriously, they are not attractive when you open them up, and the package says to cook for 1.5 mins, I cook for 2.5 mins. The package says to let it sit for 1 minute before eating because they are hot...not so, I say...they dont get that hot, but you DO need that minute to sit so the flavors have a chance to come alive. The spaghetti, if you dont let it sit, it tastes like a packaged meal, if you DO let it sit, have some green beans and buttered bread, its no different in taste then if you were eating leftovers.

For the money and convenience and if you are anything like me, dont like that canned stuff or any packaged dinners for that matter, you really will enjoy these. They are all trial and error like with anything else, but we have bought these two more times and they are on my shopping list again. They are small, easy to store and so very convenient.

Nothing at all beats a home cooked meal, nothing! But, when you are on the road like we are, these really do fill that spot in the tummy and are not at all bad, and the best part is, I am really particular about how it enhances the flavor of food, but hate how it affects my body, you will enjoy these little dinners too, because you dont taste the salt and they really dont affect me too much.

They are definitely cheap enough for you to try them for yourself. And like I said earlier, they are great for kids meals....just the right size and if they like the canned stuff, they will LOVE this stuff!



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