Thursday, August 6, 2009

Politics Videos Worth Watching

I told you about this yesterday...where I said that the white house wants you to rat out anyone (Just like they do in Cuba)
Enemies List? FOX News
White House draws fire for requesting 'fishy' information

And I told you yesterday too, about the white house going to FORCE us to take their health care (like Cuba):
Good for the Goose... FOX News
Should congressional lawmakers be forced to sign up for public health care they are creating?

And as someone who is on the road 24/7, I have told you about THIS too - cell phones and texting, you have GOT to stop while driving!
Distracted Drivers: Texting Behind the Wheel
The White House holds a summit to discuss a possible ban on texting and driving.

And THIS one I told you about yesterday as well, ANY AMERICAN AGAINST the prez is called Nazis etc!:
'You're Lying to Me' FOX News
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer gets earful at town hall event

You can watch more here

(I told you this stuff was real!)



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