Friday, August 14, 2009

pull the plug on grandma because we decided that it's too expensive to let her live anymore," as the president put it...

(My comments in paranthesis)

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that Democratic health care legislation wouldn't create "death panels." The provision in question, he said, would only authorize Medicare to pay doctors for end-of-life counseling if wanted. On Facebook, Sarah Palin has claimed the "death panels" would let bureaucrats play God with the elderly or disabled.

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Obama on Tuesday said the Democratic health care legislation would not create "death panels" to deny care to frail seniors — or "basically pull the plug on grandma because we decided that it's too expensive to let her live anymore," as the president put it. (his specialty is to casually brush off comments, such as this, as nonsense, even though, as you read the facts further into this article, it is CLEARLY his way of smooth talking, and not presenting the facts his admin is trying to put into place)

Rather, Obama contends the provision that led to such talk would only authorize Medicare to pay doctors for counseling patients about end-of-life care if they want it. (this is what he is trying to say to put the country at ease, even though it is not the facts)

But Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate, said the provision reads otherwise and will lead to health care rationing. In an earlier posting, Palin charged that federal bureaucrats would play God, ruling on whether ailing seniors or children with Down syndrome — such as Palin's son Trig — are worthy of health care. Palin called the proposal "downright evil." (the REAL truth shared with the gov. officials, NOT what we, the US citizens see/read)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, the author of the health-care provision that some critics say would set up the "death panels," is striking back at Palin.

The Oregon Democrat saids he is astounded that Palin and other critics have not tempered their bleak descriptions of the health care bill. (they are the only ones protecting us!!)

"It's deliberate at this point," Blumenauer said of Palin's failure to correct her Aug. 7 Facebook posting. "If she wasn't deliberately lying at the beginning, she is deliberately allowing a terrible falsehood to be spread with her name." (shame on the prez...even trying to attack any legislater/government official who is legitamitely protecting the US people, all of us...this is his sham of denial, so as not to cause any reasons for a civil uprising -- he is fully aware that this is exactly what will happen in this country, thats why he is always, ALWAYS brushing comments against his policies off, so as not to alarm us and we follow him like little sheep...well, not THIS shephardess!)

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