Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sarah Palin...My Perspective...

I hadnt heard of Sarah before running for office, and thats ok....The only thing I had against her really was, I am more for women to be wives and mothers first...but thats just me. Anyway, I too, with a lot of people, thought she couldnt take the heat of criticism, that it was the silliest reason to leave her office. I now believe I was way off base with that comment (not shared on the internet).

I truly beleive that in her speech when she was leaving, she had mentioned that she could/would be able to do more OUT of office, then in...the other day, it dawned on me what she COULD have meant by this....

I beleive, right or wrong, that she got wind of something big and didnt want any part of it, and if she remained in office, there was nothing she could do about it...out of office, she can. And the other day, when she enlightened us about the gov trying to eliminate (shortened version of what she said) the older folks (I am middle aged myself), then that is when it struck me...maybe IN office, she couldnt go head to head with obama as she did and look what happened. Dems denied the existence of her facts in battle, then they said they were removing it from the books (how can you remove something you denied being there in the first place?!)

So, at the moment, I support her and ask her to keep exposing what she knows the gov is up to because she really IS for the least that is what I am seeing now. Will I continue to support her like this? Dont know....if she continues to fight for and not back down to protect us, you bet I will support her :-)



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