Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something Thats Running Apparent Here...

As I am reading, researching and thing is becomming abundantly clear....anyone, I mean ANY group, person, organization, etc...that is speaking AGAINST the admin on ANY issue are being referred to as missinformed or using misinformation, yet...anyone in FAVOR of the admin and prez, are either being left alone, applauded or praised.... is getting smellier and smellier

And all obama ever does is say: it was taken out of context, it was misinterpretted, its a radical, etc...all with the attitude of mocking the statement/person, so that YOU, the general public with brush it off too...after all, isnt that what the prez is doing???? Never once has the prez ever given truth, shown any fact, provided any document of any kind or recording or anything unaltered to settle any and all issues.

Well, I plan on keep spreading any and all truth to the general public, YOU, as long as I can!!



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