Thursday, August 6, 2009

Turn Your Neighbors In!

I knew that title would get you. The reason for it is this, did you watch any news today? Well, Honey Bear and I did a bunch of running around today that we normally cant do while working, but when we got back, we started watching the news. Here is a bunch of real good, you should really start asking questions, watching your back and opening your eyes, because this stuff is really happening here in AMERICA.

1- If you recieve any information dissing the prez, his health care plan or anything else, forward it to the white house. Yep, that means that if your family, neighbor, friend or stranger sends you info that disses on any part of this administration, you are to forward it them - this is America, is it not? Cuba is famous for this.

2-See, and they also are telling Americans that any negative talk about this administration is coming from die hard Republicans (me), right wingers, activists, NAZIs, you name it -- so, you and I, our freedom of speech is being extinguished in a smooth talking way that you will not know it until it happens to you

3-Did you know that it was either last weekend or the weekend before it, but there were troops from Canada and Mexico here to help with any riots, disruptions of any kind, or dissention from the public that would hinder them taking us to a one nation, instead of OUR AMERICA?! They (the soldiers) spent four whole days training here.

I have to run along to be with Honey Bear (remember, I told you always, nothing and no one comes before family ...nothing.) So, enjoy your nite/morning and just keep your eyes open and dont stop fighting for what you believe in.




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