Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Good morning everyone!

Its Wednesday morning, and we are taking off from working til Saturday - what a nice and needed break. We are in Arlington, WA....Washington is such a pretty state, the weather is really weird (one minute hot, cool, rain, runs a gamut throughout the day).

Last night was the first night we ever ate at Red Robin. We are talking delicious, but expensive burgers. It cost us over $40 for three burgers, a shake and the tip! Too rich. Food was good, but not wort 10 bucks a burger, shake was great, not worth $4 though, but if you want excellent service, this is the place to go to.

I am in a real foul mood this morning, so I am happy that my Honey Bear is still sleeping. I have tried to pray about it, but lost my prayer time in my, with faith, I have to keep believing God hears and answers the prayers of our hearts.

I will post as time allows, I hope you have checked into the New World Order and Government stuff I have been keeps my own eyes open, hopefully, it affects you as well.


Enjoy your day, your home, your family and friends....these are the priceless treasures our world offers us.




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