Friday, August 7, 2009


Hi everyone...

Well, I am in a very depressed, discouraged state this morning...I have prayed over it and truly, truly, with all of my heart hope to hear from Heaven in such an amazing way today...that would be just so nice...exactly what I need to lift my heart and mind today.

Today is our last full day off...Honey Bear just went to sleep about an hour ago and we have SO much to do today before getting back on the road tomorrow morning. I will do a bunch of posting for you today to make up for any time I miss once we are on the road again. Its an opportunity of a lifetime to travel and work side by side with my Honey Bear 24/7....we see stuff other people may never see, experience the different cultures, people, ways of lives....I pray I keep these memories alive in my heart and mind always. The most absolute beautiful road in the whole US that I told you about I think just under a month ago is route 12 in Idaho...from Hells Canyon to Missoula, Montana. In a car, its long, winding, totally beautiful and you have to make the drive during the day because as the sun goes down, the animals come onto the road...we did it in a nine car car hauler...NOT good, as it was scarier then anything! But in a is so beautiful! On one side of the road is the side of the mountain (within feet of your vehicle) and on the other side of the road is Clear River (the water is crystal clear, running, not stagnant) and the entire highway runs side by side with the Mountains and river...simply amazing!

Here are a couple pictures for you to see it:

Well, enjoy your Friday and lets pray for such an amazing day!
Hugs to all,



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