Sunday, October 18, 2009

Did You Hear About the Proposed Tax For Liking Comfort Foods?? that was a NICE way to word it...its a fat tax...plain and simple. Just as they try to tax EVERYTHING we all enjoy, the bottom line is this, if you allow them to dictate what you eat, drink or enjoy, how much more are you willing to give up to them???

The proposed idea is to tax, say...a big mac...ok, you dont eat them every single day, or maybe you DO...its YOUR choice. Their argument is that your weight and inherent health problems from your weight or unhealthy food choices shouldnt be a burden on the government, so they will tax you to make you not want that particular calorie laden food, can we say DUH...

What idiocy is going on in this country??? Are we REALLY ok with someone else dictating what we can eat, enjoy or want??? How much more are we going to let them invade our homes??? Are you truly willing to allow someone else tell you what to do, how to do it or when?? There is one word for that, COMMUNISM and our country was NOT founded for those terms, it was founded for FREEDOM!

Call me out here if you want, but dang it, I have been personally responsible for all of my medical debt, not once leaning on insurance OR the government to take care of me, and it is my right to want that damn big mac seven days a week if I want it and there is no person out there, except mc d themselves to tell me whether or not I can have that greasy, calorie laden but delicious burger!



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