Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something I Truly Have Learned...

You know, sometimes we really do have to take steps away from our lives, as they are, what we are doing...and really learn. I had walls built up, I had fears, frustrations, I had a multitude of problems. But something that really worked, I mean, seriously...REALLY worked, was letting everything go and let God be God... even today, as I face an old enemy, as frustrating, as dissappointing, as irritating as the facts I the one in control of it? No...I am only in control of my REACTION to it..thankfully, I have the opportunity right now, this either dwell on it or let it go and just trust God with it. Take it to Him. Leave it there with Him and let HIM deal with it, as it really let me down in so many ways...but once again, I am not the one in control of it....

When I really let go and let God be one beleived me. Everyone had their opinion and agenda for me (as if they have any right to that) one stood by me because they beleived in an impossible. And yes, to the world, it WAS impossible. But do you want to know what happened? GOD DID THE IMPOSSIBLE! I truly believe He did it because I let it all go to Him. I did not do one thing as the world would do and I most definitely stood my ground where people had to respect my decision...God did the impossible THEN, and He reminds me how and when He did so that I can do it again, with this irritating thing I happened upon today....

So, with that said...yes, I carry the guilt of happening upon that thing, as I should..but I have to take it ALL to Him, He really IS here for us, we just have to do it His way...keep that thought in mind yourself and learn from my mistakes ... I am a much happier person today for doing just that :-)



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