Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey....Got a Clogged Sink or Tub??

You aren't going to believe this, but while at the last hotel we stayed at, the tub was so clogged up, by the time you were done with one shower, the tub was filled nearly to my knees! So, I had to think quick because I had zero access to draino or anything to help.

I scooped out the water into the toilet, grabbed my shop vac, cut a hole in the bottom of a disposable PLASTIC drinking cup, but the cup over the end of the nozzle of the vacuum, sealed it on with a rubber band, stuck the hose down the drain, used the cup to form a cover around the drain, and turned it on....would you believe the clog came out in less then ten seconds?!

Yep, no costly chemicals, no calling the main office, nothing but a good ol shop vac and plastic cup.

Now That's ingenuity!



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