Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hi everyone! Wow, this is our first day off since the beginning of November...can you beleive bossman has a problem with that??? I mean, seriously, we live out of the truck, worked Thanksgiving and we are SUPPOSED to have 34 hours off a week...nope, he is not happy that we took last night into today off...what a lemon head.

Anyway, Honey Bear is taking a nap...such a sweetie....he found a spot for me to catch the internet (wireless) while he snoozes some much needed sleep I might add. We are in a town called Aberdeen, WA...its a cute little town, but wowsers...I stopped in at their local grocery store calle is EXPENSIVE! $30 for two small plastic bags.....I bought lunch, fruit and snacks for today...oh well...cant is cheaper then going out to eat, which we did last night. Ever since we discovered what Washingtonians just love, teriyaki -- we make sure to get it once a week or every other week...depends on when we get back this way. That stuff is SO good and no, it is NOT something you would find in the midwest and we have stuff similar to it in New York, but they have teriyaki joints all over this place like everyone has dunkin doughnuts! LOL!

I am in a good mood today, because its a Sunday and we dont have to work-I am not big on us working on Sundays. Its windy and chilly here, but it sure beats being worse!

Enjoy today, and enjoy life!




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