Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hi all!

Well, I dont know how it is weather - wise in YOUR part of the country, but remember me telling you we had to go to Colorado?? Well, last night, we got here ten minutes later, it was a white out! We got stranded in a teeny town all night due to the white out. We worked all day in the snow only for our truck to get stuck, right in the middle of the road! So, for three hours, three angels came to help us to get out...the things we had to do to get unstuck..yikes! Then, we got stuck again. Now, we called it a night in Commerce City and arent moving until tomorrow to go to Colorado Springs.

(You can scroll down this page to see I am not kidding you about Colorado)

Theres some real helpful and SAFE advice I need for you, car drivers to know AND pass on..PLEASE, as this silly woman came within a breath of hitting a tree tonight when we were in the right and she did something she shouldnt have.

1-you are not allowed to pass trucks on the right -- this is a LAW...its not something I am telling you, it is against the law to pass a truck on the right. Did you know that? Do you want to know why? Because trucks make wide right turns to make the turn that car drivers do. Its their makeup. This silly woman, while we were in Michigan, she was riing in our blind spot (rule #2 that you are not allowed, by law to do), and we had our right turn signal on to turn into a car dealer, so we do as we are SUPPOSE to, we make the wide right turn -- there she is, in our blind spot, we have our turn signal on, making the wide right turn, but because she didnt want to be behind a truck, she honks her horn at US, sped up, lost control, went up the incline in the grass and steered away from the tree in front of her just in the nick of time. I banged my knee when we slammed the breaks (rule #3 that trucks are not to do) to avoid this woman who broke not only one law, but two.

So, just because you dont want or like to be behind a truck, chill out...they are family people just like you and truck drivers cannot manuever the way car drivers can. If you use it, a truck brought it...stop taking them for granted, they are not the enemy, they are YOUR LIFE LINE!



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