Thursday, December 31, 2009


Good morning all! Whew, what a travel...we are in Indiana this morning, heading to Illinois, then Iowa and back to Colorado.

Something I forgot to share with you about last week...remember that snow storm we got caught in while in know, HIGH winds, bitter cold and stuck as the roads were closed. Well, being originally from the midwest, I know better to bundle up, it IS better to be warm, then it is to look nice and cool. Well, the only thing we could do was go Christmas shopping at the local Walmart.

Now, mind you, you would think that Nebraska people, being used to the winters, would be prepared. Here, Honey Bear and I were all bundled up and WARM. We got into the store, and people had no coats on or were walking around in sweatshirt jackets and jean jackets...HUH??? This one young lady had just a t-shirt on and her arms were red from the cold...and they looked at US??? Oh, and the guy behind the counter, he was arent from around here....and I asked why would he say that....and he said it was because I was so bundled up.....I told him we were New Yorkers, but I grew up with Chicago weather, I knew better....he just smiled. And they call us weird...go figure...

Anyway, Honey Bear is sleeping and I am doing the laundry, so I have a little time to post for you, so enjoy your day, your family, your home and each blessing-big or small....




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